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Get About. Get Healthy.

Cycling is the simple way to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Did you know that regular cyclists are as fit as people 10 years younger than them?

Riding a bike is also an exhilarating, fun and rewarding way to get around using your own steam.

And with free training, maintenance courses, new cycleways and secure parking, now is the perfect time to get pedalling.

What's more, you'll be joining thousands of people in Greater Manchester who've made a positive change to their health by using their bike to travel.

There are lots of people out and about cycling, so why not join them?

Don't make getting in shape complicated...

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All sorts of people are getting around Greater Manchester by bike. Hear their stories, see their pictures and get details of our latest events, then join in and show us how you #JustRide to win prizes!
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Cycling is simply great for you. Studies by health experts have shown there are numerous
benefits for people who regularly travel by bike:

  • It helps you sleep better - 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise a week can improve sleep quality by 65%
  • People who cycle to work tend to be less stressed and take fewer sick days
  • It’s kind to the environment - reducing CO2 emissions
  • Cycling burns around 300 calories an hour
  • Cycling helps tone your legs and bum without putting stress on your joints
  • Pedalling saves you money on fuel and parking charges

Cycling in greater manchester

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