Breeze Champion
27th Jul 2016

Although I’ve always liked cycling it was only on retiring in 2011 that I began to rekindle my love of the sport.

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We have formed an incredible bond, having shared some amazing memories.

I became a British Cycling Breeze Champion in 2013 and since then it has been an amazing adventure, one that I couldn’t possibly have imagined on my first Breeze ride.

Breeze Champions are volunteers who organise and deliver local rides for women.

I met another local Champion, Joy Lummis, who was leading rides for Breeze Network Lancashire and the most wonderful, amazing friendship has developed between us since then.


Joy and I, ably assisted by two new Champions, Chris and Tracy, now lead regular Breeze rides and have a wonderful core group of ladies joining us regularly, but it’s also very rewarding to welcome new participants and to see them grow in confidence and become as cycling addicted as we are.

In June, I had my most amazing life-changing experience with Joy, Chris and 9 of these awesome ladies, having a wonderful cycling adventure in and around Bordeaux, in France – we are all feeling extremely proud of our 135 miles over 3 days in some off-the-scale temperatures!

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It was quite a responsible task I’d taken on; organising flights, hotels, the hire of the bikes and plotting our route over 3 days, cycling unsupported and with all our luggage on the bikes – I don’t think I slept much each night worrying about the next day!


It was all made worthwhile on our last evening in Bordeaux when the ladies expressed their thanks and spoke of how much they’d enjoyed it, how good they felt about their achievement and how inspired they felt to do something similar again – indeed they were all asking where our next adventure will take us.

We have formed an incredible bond, having shared some amazing memories. It has been the most awesome adventure with a diverse group of ladies who didn’t even know each other a couple of years ago.

What brought us together was a shared love of cycling, but we could never have predicted that we would be cycling together in France…amazing!

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